Review of our upcoming record "Birth Of Rage"

by Sweden Rock Magazine

"They come from Malmo and describe themselves as "four broken mims ."

The debut album consists of eleven fine and rock'n'roll punk metal songs. It breathes very very 70 's and turns sharply.

Bassist Karl Hinterleithner doing an excellent job. Jenny Jonasson has a bluesy soulful voice and sings with much feeling and fervor .

The songs go from really heavy to cool rocking and everything feels strangely pleasant and beautiful in all the dirt.

The raw garage sound really feels just right in this context , as well as the simplicity of the music - straight pucks , no frills. It is tight and even if there´s not a fist in the stomach , it is certainly not far from it.

The changing tempo from song to song makes it even more interesting and guitarist Simon Söderberg with Bezhad M Heidari behind the drums creates heaviness and driving . The subtle yet powerful ballad " Who we are " is also a very good choice as termination song."


by Ingela Hansson-Sweden

1 : Birth of Rage

Super song! Absolutely superb in every way. A very good choice as the first single on the North American release. You may well conquer the world with this song. Jenny's voice is a little more "crunchy sharp " , nimble and rockin than usual. But with the same feeling as usual. World class!

2: Toxic Trace

This I have heard live before the album. Very good song, stuck directly. Simple and straightforward , but good. Straight to the weight. You do not always have to be AWKWARD for it to be good.

3 : She 's Your Ho

A suggestive, aggressive, edgy song, with a very good text that concern. Man ' sucked in ' to the text that evokes a lot of emotions . A cocky " take-no - shit" song that probably could grow even more over time. And supremely good song .

4: Hello , Hey, How Are You

Have heard this live before the album. A very " catchy " song that it's hard to NOT like . Slow-paced but good scratching anyway. Like the guitar playing in the song. Sounds a little nostalgia yet again. And base gives the weight needed to match Jenny daisy voice .

5 : Every Wag Just For You

Cocky beautiful song . Not a perfect score , it feels like , but damn good non the less. Variable, a bit odd. Good song . Maybe one of those that grows with time.

6: Black

Ösig , melodic , up-tempo song . Grand scars, but a simple and straight track. Get some 80s feel. On a positive way. But still very much WP -sound . Will be glad of this song. Nostalgia . Should be able to work out on the big arena anytime! Plus the edge!

7 : Haunted By A Gun

Although this sounds a little 80 's rock but with WP -sound . Catchy song that gets stuck easily. Nice sound, good arr. Good deep in Jenny's voice. Like a lot!

8: Get it

Good song , with awesome guitar riffs . A little "odd" . A song with a lot of " character " that you probably need to listen to a few times before you can take it to the full.

9: Stick In Your Wheel

A really good song . It was good the first time I listened to it and it just gets better and better every time . Cocky and with good scoop ! Will this second single on Black Stream Records maybe?

10 : Dr. Fakker

Have heard it live before the album. Fun, cool, cocky. Fine song in every way, with a beautiful rhythm. Like more o more every time I listen to it.

11: Who We Are

Very weird for me ... The first two times I listened to it I thought " great song , very beautiful ," but I felt it in your heart lixom . Though it was so good. But NOW ... it grows and grows. And now I KNOW it. It was probably one of those song that needed to mature and find their way home somehow . But on the other hand, those songs that can possibly keep indefinitely .



Ingela Hansson Summary:

A very good album that you can be proud of .


Whipping Princess Thanks Ingela Hansson for your support and that you took the time to review the record! Hope to see you soon. Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Love W



Review of the EP "let You And Me Be One"

Theres a real rawness to their music which fans of less produced stuff are going to love, and the tracks hold that melodic dark approach which is going to appeal to fans of hard and soft alike.


Blaskan Redaktionen - Dr. Indie

First song "State of Hate" allowed me to see a classic hard rock feeling that arises when listening thanks to singer Jenny Jonasson's dark powerful vocals. though the song also has a clear gage rock aplomb that appeals to me. It is so with the second song "Evil Mind" which has that punk sound building that I can not help but love its sound. The music passes on good pace to the side for a more leather and nitattack. It smells of oil and sweat when the band throws out his songs. It's an ep with five powerful songs with a really good rock singer who cling to their microphone and sings out properly. I hear clear her wheezing and heavy voice. I hear Karl Hinterleithners bass rumble and Simon S�derberg allows guitar whiz while Jan Sj�� pounding heavy rhythmic kind and holds together all five songs. There are other beautiful phrases a plate that I would want the world to listen to now and here. Immediately! I myself have only fun, although the lyrics have a serious side to consider. However, good rock is in any case

Rate Let you and me ask one - @ @ @

We were recently contacted by Karl from Whipping Princess to see what we could do about getting something posted about the EP the band released last year, Let You And Me Be One. Ever the helpful types, of course we agreed, and so thought wed check out what the band were all about. Saying on their one-sheet before 2015 has kicked ass on some of the best scenes worldwide and classified as the band that leaves an imprint in the soul, and that they create music that conveys cockiness, attitude, sadness, sorrow, joy and passion-this struck me as something which was going to be pretty damned interesting!

State of Hate opens proceedings for the band, a sludgy track which will catch you off guard if youre not fully prepared for it, almost sounding akin to some of the more classic rock bands whilst adding in a sense of a more modern take on things. The female vocals are the real key to proceedings here, adding in a further dimension which elevates the track from what could be a simplistic rock track into something bigger and more complicated, something which does indeed seem to match a variety of emotions whilst still keeping things raw and powerful ,its like your own private rollercoaster which everyone is invited to ride on.


Evil Mind seems to suggest a slower pace and more emotional take on things, opening with clean guitars played melodically before bringing in those vocals once again, the mix causing you to reflect on everything which has happened so far and drawing you in to listen a little harder. Whats really striking about this track is how heavy the bassline is, it seems to drive everything forward as the track builds, this isnt just going to wake up your neighbours, its going to wake the whole damned town up! Slower, sludgier and all together quite a powerful beast, this is a highpoint on the album for sure! Title track Let You And Me Be One comes up next and suggests a move back towards the more classic rock format, opening with a guitar and bass combo which youre going to want to see on the live scene before ushering in the clean and melodic vocals. The track sticks to this relatively simplistic structure throughout, yet doesnt become dull or repetitive at any time, keeping things dark and mysterious yet still accessible.


Theatre Of Pain follows on and once again moves back to the sludgy bass heavy rhythms of some of the earlier tracks, this time ushering in a wah endorsed guitar line under symphonic vocal lines. This track is quite possibly my personal favourite from the EP, theres just something about it which sounds like a hybrid of Bush musically, yet more advanced and more melodic throughout, its a hard one to put into words but rest assured, it works! Closing proceedings with Endless Pain theres a sudden change in the feeling of things, this time sounding like a more upbeat rock style track musically, whilst still keeping the vocals dark and distorted, the combination sounding a little confused at first but soon becoming something which you find yourself singing along to. As a closing track it leaves you thinking about what youve heard and how the EP has progressed, and for me, Im not sure it works. The tracks so far have been dark so to end on a happy note like this track suggests almost leaves a confused ending, but its a small gripe.

In all, Whipping Princess hold a lot of promise I think. Theres a real rawness to their music which fans of less produced stuff are going to love, and the tracks hold that melodic dark approach which is going to appeal to fans of hard and soft alike. I think the key to success here has to be the female vocal lines, they transform this from something which could be all out heavy and make it something which is more accessible and easy to listen to, and I for one enjoyed the tracks. Itll be interesting to watch these guys to see what comes next-one to watch!

Whipping Princess produce but a dirty, snotty 70s sound that one might think, here is a very old 8-Spur recording device been used. That makes this production so special.

The EP starts with "State of Hate". Motorhead-like riffs roaring through the speakers and a rock singer takes us through the song.

Vocally, the whole thing reminds me of bands like "bitch". But here we can not do much wrong. Classic Hard Rock, whose production has also been very snotty.

"Evil Mind" is the next song starts acoustically. Also, technically you think singing a ballad in the beginning. Musically, it goes back even further now. The roots of the songs are clearly in the 70s. Influences of the Sabbath or Zeppelin are hard to miss.

"Let me and you be one" has its roots clearly in the 70s. Straighter rock n 'Roll.

Simple but effective, and makes clear once again on solid ground, after the playful points in the previous song.

The bass runs "Theatre of Pain" one. The guitar is played with a cool "wah-wah" and this is terrific. Beautiful mid-tempo rocker. I also like the voice of this song best. He goes ahead and does not swirl. This is exactly what rock 'n' roll in the '70s has identified.

In "Endless Pain", one could even start thinking about the Onkelz, but this reminds us agree that we do not have German rock band, but "Whipping Princess". Nice double-bass drumming in the background and thus a danceable party rockers. The song is fun and is a fitting conclusion for this debut.


Conclusion: Retro-Rock is chic, retro-rock is in! This is demonstrated by bands like The Answer, Rival Sons, Black Country Communion, the Divine Ghost or the Devils Blood.

Whipping Princess also wants a piece of the fresh cakes and rightly so. Of course you can hear out the models Motorhead, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. But I think that this was by design.

The best part is the production of their CD! Because, if retro, then right. Most bands who make that kind of music, want to excel through a high-gloss production. Whipping Princess produce but a dirty, snotty 70s sound that one might think, here is a very old 8-Spur recording device been used. That makes this production so special.

Keep it up! Rock On! Pat St. James

"If you like metal with female vocals, you can safely check out this band."

Through the female vocal, I will compare the band a bit with bands such as Crucified Barbara, Drain and Hydrogyn.

The best track on "Let You And Me Be One"is in my opinion opener "State Of Hate".

It is sufficiently hard and heavy and has a good melody. I also liked the "Theatre Of Pain" by contrast, is quieter and the tempo down a bit. The ending number has a more hard rock touch than the other songs, which as I said, is more heavy oriented. The bass is reasonably heavy, the vocals are good. I can see a future for Whipping Princess.

If you like metal with female vocals, you can safely check this band out."

"Jenny has a special tone and quite a strong voice and attitude, reminding a little of Dio in her expression"

Whipping Princess was started by the bass player Karl Hinterleithner and the singer Jenny Princess Jonasson. The ambition was to whip together their own blend of soul, rock, blues, punk and metal and a first effort came earlier this year with the EP Let You and Me Be One.

Its a somewhat uneven production but where a song like State of Hate stands out and sounds of garage-vibing hard rock with metal influences. The singer "Jenny has a special tone and quite a strong voice and attitude, reminding a little of Dio in her expression

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