Since I was a child there has always been music around me. I remember sitting next to my grandfather and he would always sing for me and my sister. My father played a lot of rock n roll music, introducing me to Roy Orbinson, Little Richard, Cliff Richard and Elvis Presley and so on. He is also a big "Shadows" and "Spotnics" fan. So I ve been brain washed with their music all my life. When I was about eight I really loved Slade, the songs My oh my and Run runaway. I used to sing them over and over again. I`ve always loved to sing hardrock, there s so much tention in the music.


I have been expressing my creativity in different kind of ways for as long as I can remember. Writing lyrics or poems, drawing, photography, dancing. The feeling of creating something from scratch with my bare hands gives me satisfaction. I get the same feeling when I sing.

I met with Karl and it clicked. We were on the same page, wanting to move forward and create something great. And it became Whipping Princess.



I started as a seven year old kid listening to Judas Priest, Whitesnake and the Clash.

A little while later Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks hit my ears. And WOW!

There is melodic heavy punk, glam, metal and bluesy rock-dirty as hell.


After being listening to this music I wanted to make the same heavy n cool sound. Around eight I started to write lyrics and make some noise.

Well, I can tell that it wasnt that good at the time, but I had a goal. I tried as many instruments as I could lay my hands on, listening to more music of all kind.


Around twelve I started to play with other kids at some local youth centre. Mostly I played bass and guitar writing my own music and lyrics.

At fifteen I started to sing more in some sort of punk/glam band.

I quit school, got a daytime job, trying to find the right people to do music with.


Time went by without finding the right ones to make it happen. I was searching for width. I had become someone that wasn t only for one music style. And I never wanted to do covers and still dont.

I was part of many small projects, often as a singer, that at first seemed to be the right thing.


Periodically I got so tired of trying to reach out with the music, that I put my soul on hold. And that made me implode, so I couldn t stop writing music.

It has been a long and winding journey until the day I met Jenny and we discussed about doing something about our mix. And again WOW! Someone that is willing to

work as hard as me.

Together we found melodic heavy punk, glam, metal and bluesy rock-dirty as hell.

And so Whipping Princess was born.



As a child I listened to my mothers music which was a lot of rock n roll, real old school rock n roll.

When I got a little older I fell over some Metallica records, and "hell yeah" I found where I belong.


At ten I fell in love with the sound from a guitar. I began the municipal music school and learned how to handle this six string instrument.


During the school years I went through a few so called bands and I loved every single note of it. That made me have a goal in the future, which way I wanted to head.

After my school was done I entered my first real band named "Ojud" playing covers, mostly punk and metal songs. After a couple of years the band hit the grave after losing members.


After a while I found a new project we decided to call "Hardrock Bastards", also punk and metal covers, so there is where my heart is. And this ended too by some reasons.

During some years I went through many tryouts trying to find the right thing for me.


I moved from north to south of Sweden for my daytime job. At that time I got a lot of free time and longing to make some noise.

I found a musician add on a website, a band in Malmoe looking for an evil grinded

guitar player. I answered and they answered back, and I stepped into the world of

Whipping Princess


I grew up with music, my grandfather was a musician, a drummer and played in those Swedish folk parks in the 60's so there was always music around me.


My interest started in my teens when I started to play a little guitar and sang, admit that it sounded hopeless, but the guitar was not my thing I noticed quite early.


I had the rhythm in the blood after my grandfather who was the drummer, began playing in local bands when I was like 16-17 years, has played the most in rock and metal and it is in the harder music stream my music heart beats for.



My musical journey began quite early in life, my grandfather worked as musician and music was always around.

in early age I did mixtapes from the radio and every gener was interested actually but somewhere around age 9-10 I discovered rock and pink Floyd !

it got more heavy when I started to get older and as a teenager I got my first guitar and a lot of guitarplayers started to influence me, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and bands like Whitesnake, Dio ; W.A.S.P, judas Preist, Kizz and Queensryche was always in my ears, but the one guitarplayer and his music that influenced me most was Gary Moore! I had never heard a player that had That tone and played with so much heart !

trough the years ive been in a lot of different bands and have played both blues and Metal and did a lot of coverband stuff , I never have been that virtouse and wanting to play fast, I use my tone and heart just as my big hero Gary Moore!

At first when I met the guys in Whipping Princess the timing was all wrong to jump in the band but I figured out that my way of playing should fit the music well, so after a bit off thinking things over and put some other projects a side I found my self in the band and we sound better than ever ;)

Hope to see u all at the roads!





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