"The band that leaves an imprint in the soul"


With a powerful blend of classic genres such as soul, rock, blues, punk and metal, band creates a dirty 70`s sound. It´s classic rock for a modern audience, with energy and focus it´s raised above the ordinary thanks to a tight sound and a powerful and explosive voice with a touch of classic rock song.


Birth of Whipping Princess

Tired of a life as a whipping boy Karl Hinterleither, lover of rock, felt that the musical career he aspired was far away. But luck turned in the right direction when his path crossed with Jenny Jonasson, a singer with roots in the blues. Together the wanted to create a new sound. With real rawness and deep heavy bottom in the music, but still melodic. This was the beginning of Whipping Princess and the end of 2010 the band was accomplished with Linus Henriksson on drums and Simon Södererg on guitar.

Jan Sjöö replaced Linus on drums in 2012 and in 2013 he decided to leave the band for private issues.

Bezze joined the band in 2013.


Because of personal reasons Bezzedecided to leave the band in february 2015.

Michael J Strandh joined the band in August 2015. The same year we added a guitar so Patrick joined the band too.

In 2015 they signed with Metapapolis Records



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Whipping Princess